On The Merger

You may have heard by now that the 3 (4 if you count the Colonials), are merging into one mega super duper awesome supporter group. #OneGroup

There are many reasons that have been given for the merger and many that seem like this would be a great idea. However, I stand against this merger. You might be saying, wait, you're a contrarian to everything so why is this news? Well, here's why I think it's a bad idea.

People are different.

The people that represent the current Class VI and Pid Army and BSG are just different types of people. This is not to say that people can't put their differences aside and work together, but when it comes to identifying yourself and/or representing a group, there will be plenty of issues that arise from trying to blanket a diverse group of people within one. These conflicts will not bode well for the long term viability of this mega group.

We don't have to all be the same. It's ok to be different. It's ok to have different ideologies, motivations, and ways to support the club.

How much in common does a 50 year old in CVI have with a 19 year old in PA? Will this group accurately represent both of those people? How could it?

It will become more difficult for a single person to influence the group. If the group does or says something a person doesn't agree with, where else is there to go? Are they no longer a supporter because they don't fall into the ways of this mega group? Would this group stand in the way of anyone trying to start a new group? Would the Front Office?

This was also supposed to give us bigger bargaining power with the front office in all ways, including ticketing and influence. While this may be true, we also lose some of our independence and autonomy in the process. It will be easier for the front office to influence the group and control a group of one. Do we really want a monopoly on ideas and influence?

I hope that these things don't happen, I hope this group succeeds, but I am also not living in a utopia where this merger solves all issues.


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